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Feeling Human; a short read

I believe we go through different states of how we truly feel, regarding, how we normally feel throughout the day, and feeling human.

Feeling Human, I believe, is a higher state in which we are doing something that makes us feel like we are truly present and alive.

Everyone has something different that makes them feel human, whether it's running outside, reading a book, or maybe just sitting down and relaxing or working on something.

For me, traveling or being in nature makes me feel the most human.

I feel the most alive when I am breathing the air of a different area, being in a place that isn’t HOME. As much as I love my home, it isn’t the place where I feel the most alive, it’s just the place where I have to touch base with.

That being said, whatever it is for you, whatever makes you feel the most alive, that is something that is important to incorporate into your everyday life or at least as much as possible. Maybe even once a week?

When we are in our Human Feeling, our mind shifts to our happiest state of mind. Where we feel the most free and creative; and in this state we can come back to ourselves and focus on our mental state of being.

Feel free to privately comment what has you feeling human:)


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